Monday, 29 April 2013

Curry Thank You

My son has been doing some out of hours surgeries and the GP he was working with treated him to some curry suppers. He wanted to say thank you in an appropriate way and so asked me to make him a card. I thought about elephants and things like that, but then spotted this stamp amongst my collection and thought it perfect.
It's a stamp from Chocolate Baroque's Indian Elephant set, simply embossed in gold onto black card with a sentiment from Personal Impressions.
Tara (Craftilicious) suggested that I stamp with Turmeric... not quite sure how I'd do that, but it sounds an intriguing idea.


  1. This is probably a much safer way to go than my oddball idea (and much less smelly!) Fresh tumeric root though when you handle it oozes a lovely yellow ochre colour so I'm pretty sure if you cut it and stamped it direct to paper it would give pretty yellow circles (although I haven't tried it) Beetroot works in the same way though and I have tried that!

  2. Fab card and splendid reason for making it too.

    Interesting way to go with the turmeric and/or beetroot - haven't tried either myself but I DO love a good curry!


  3. Well - I've never heard of that before!

    I think you chose the best colouring option Chrissie! The gold looks magnificent on the black background - perfect for a masculine card. Love the CB image too.
    Hugs, Sylvia x

  4. what a fab card and perfect for saying thanks....hugs sassyxxx

  5. What a gorgeous card Chrissie.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  6. Don't you just love it when the stars align and the stamp you need precisely for a special card appears for you! This could not be better, Chrissie!!

    There seem to be a lot of reincarnated spirits among your friends ~ spirits from back in the time when messages truly were colored and designed with spices. Wouldn't that be a totally fun workshop?! You guys bring the spices, I'll bring the potatoes!

  7. Such a beautiful card Chrissie! I couldn't think of a more fitting design - such good fortune to have exactly the right thing to hand!
    Thank you so much for visiting me whilst I've been having my internet troubles, I really do appreciate it. I'm just trying to catch up with people now.

  8. I knew you'd come up with something clever Chrissie and this is just perfect!!! Not sure about turmeric either but would certainly be an aromatic thank you card :0)
    Jenny x

  9. Well I'd say you took the brief and rocked it Chrissie! I'm just a little disappointed that you couldn't find a 'thank you for the curries' sentiment LOL! Vicky x

  10. Considering the brief, this card is fabulous.
    So clean and unfussy, ideal for what you were asked for.

  11. Gorgeous again Chrissie, such a beautiful opulent card! OH's father was a GP...they do work some long hours...not sure they still do ??FIL always insisted he was at every birth of one his pregnant patients, such dedication.. they all worshipped him I am told lol :) Viv xx


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