Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I haven't been awake enough most weeks to realise that it was Wednesday in time to post a pic of my desk. This week I remembered and my desk is really clear... for me, just the remnants of a few things I was doing yesterday.
You can see my fairly new Stampin' UP score board including the diagonal plate. I have more score boards than you could shake a fairly large stick at! Score Pal, Score Buddy, Hougie Board, Crafters Companion, Enveloper Pro, and one made from MDF which was the first one I ever bought.... that's at the bottom of a drawer somewhere.
However with this latest one I can make envelopes for just about any card size I choose to make. There's a practice one in sight! Some new stamps, my pressie (the rather fancy pen in the case) from my lovely friend Mandi.
That's kinda it... how boring.
My lovely granddaughter Daisy, in her first week in school was given a certificate in assembly for "Special person of the week". I think it was because she was so polite and enthusiastic.
Well done Daisy.


  1. One of anything is never enough lol we convince ourselves they all do something different.... You are not alone
    Love Amanda #96

  2. Hi Chrissie, I do like to have a nosey at other peoples craft space & a few things on yours caught my eye. The Paper Shapers punches that I love as well as they are very strong. Your daylight lamp whch I'm extremely jealous of & finally your cup holder. lol. Also, well done on Daisy getting her first certificate.
    Sally x

  3. Isn't it dreadful when we keep purchasing supplies of a similar nature and are never quite satisfied but the next one is always promising. I have many score boards too, But I have many pairs of sissors and just can't find the right ones LOL.

    Lovely clean tidy desk, thanks for sharing.

    Eliza #90

  4. Hi Chrissie,

    Nice to see you here and see your desk! Thanks for coming to visit me!

    I have one of those fancy new score gizmos and need to practice making some envelopes. I have fits just trying to do simple scoring with the thing. (I'm scorchallenged?)

    Love how you use your Cuttlebug for a cup tray!

    Have a great week! See you over at LIM! Darnell #74

  5. Not boring - really practical... how great to be able to make envelopes of all sizes. And there's never anything boring about new stamps!! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  6. What lovely inky things I spy.
    Thanks so much for the visit to my desk.
    Have a great week.

  7. Oh what a tidy desk Chrissie, you should see my desk and room just now....reorganizing!! :) Viv xx

  8. oh, wow I didn't even know Stampin up had one. mmm may be adding that to my wishlist. wonderful desk.

    Michele #156

  9. Glad you found the board that works for you!Tamika #162

  10. Lookin good :) Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter's! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!

  11. Hi Chrissie

    I love reading your blog and your CAS style of cardmaking.

    If you were advising someone who hasn't got a scoreboard at all (i.e. me) and was going to buy just one, which would you recommend?


    Mitzi x


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