Monday, 16 April 2012

What a delightful day!

Yesterday was a first for me!
It was the first time that I had been to a craft show at Alexandra Palace and the first time that I had met in person, several LIMettes... namely, Gay, Val, Vicky, Jenny and Sylvie (she's missing from this picture sadly).Gay and I braved the idiosyncrasies of the Sat Nav to get there and back and we had an amazing day! The show was fine but the best bit was meeting all these lovely ladies.
This is what found its way home with me...all the unmounted stamps on the right of the picture were in a Grab bag pack from Rubberneckers for £5! A bit of a lucky dip, but there are some super stamps amongst them.
It was such fun, an experience I shall look forward to repeating!


  1. What a shame I couldn't get there - maybe next time :(
    Perhaps we should have our own LIMette crafting weekend gathering :-)

  2. Sobbing here! LOL! xxx

    Glad you all had a good time and I love the look of your goodies xxx

  3. looks like you had a great and that bag of stamps looks as if it was a real bargain.


  4. Oh wow! "know" all these ladies would've loved to be there...
    suzi b xx

  5. Didn't we have fun!!! Look at how many lovely stamps were in that bag, what a bargain! LOL Gay xxx
    p.s You've been very kind about my sat nav, I wanted to push it out of the window when I was travelling at high speed! x

  6. Best crafty day yet!! Glad the sat nav got you both there in the end:)
    Val x

  7. Sometimes I wish I lived further south! Great photo of you all. xx

  8. Aww poor me missing out! Glad you had fun and what a super purchase you had my friend

    Next time...maybe!


  9. It was great fun and especially to meet up with you and the others Chrissie. I shall look forward to seeing what you get up to with your new stash! Vicky x

  10. so happy for you to have met your friends and to have had a really fun day..your goodies ...well bet you cant wait to play...hugs sassyx

  11. Hi chrissie

    glad you have a lovely day and got to meet up with some of your friends.

    Hope you enjoy playing with all your new goodies - the question is which stamp will you ink up first?

    Be back to see you soon.

    Toodle pip

    Hazel x

  12. Looks as though you had a fabulous time and managed to pick up another brilliant bargain in that bag of stamps

  13. I found your blog Chrissie. Looks like you had a fun day. I like the looks of your stamp grab bag. Excuse me for asking, but what is a sat nav?

  14. Woo hoo you bought more than me and seems you made it to stand 61 as well...I spy the sailing boats stamp set ;0)
    It was such a fun day...meeting up was the best bit :0)
    Jenny x


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