Saturday, 13 June 2009

One of the ones I missed! 365 Cards Day 101 Veggies

To include veggies had me stumped for a while as I searched around for an image.
I ended up with mushrooms, however, you have to look kinda hard to see them but they're there!
The sentiment stamp is from Clare Curd's Signature Range.
Now I need to see what I can come up with for today's challenge, not a lot of inspiration as yet however.
I had to dash out to the store not long ago to replace my craft chair. I use a small, whizzy typist's chair so that I can swivel round to use my paper cutters which are on a table behind my desk. I had a bit of a jolt this morning when mid-manoeuvre one of the legs with the castors on simply snapped off. I couldn't think what had happened for the moment... I hadn't even started on the G&Ts.


  1. Gorgeous card Chrissie :-)Love those mushrooms :-)
    V funny story about your chair !! :-)

    Lorraine x x

  2. No wonder your chair broke, it's been working overtime this week whizzing round. Glad it was only the chair you can replace that, but we couldn't replace you! Well done, great creativity this week.

  3. fun mushie card chrissie!!!


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