Saturday, 8 February 2014

One Layer Time

Yesterday was my grandson's third birthday and we drove to Bath to celebrate it with him. It was lovely to see him. We paid a visit to the Bath City Farm. The pigs seemed to be enjoying their mud... and there was plenty of it! Here he is having a chat with the goats!
The journey in both directions was a nightmare with howling wind and rain and not inconsiderable traffic queues! Still, all's well that ends well.
It's One Layer week at Less is More and I have a few cards here to share.
This is a card I made as one of my experiments for one which is in this month's Craft Stamper magazine. The published one is very slightly different with a different sentiment, but is very similar in overall effect.
It's done with emboss resist with a Stampendous Acapanthus stamp. If you have the mag, you could play 'Spot the difference'.

I had several goes at this one too!
I tried with different card stock to see the what the finished effect would be.
This one is on hammered cardstock... you can see where the texture of the card prevented  total coverage of the large flower stamp. Sometimes this is a more pleasing effect!
In fact the first one was a second attempt and there is more stamping on the back of the card, so I re-jigged it and made a new card from it and it ended like this... don't want to waste anything do I!
Obviously not one layer any longer!
I may have some more to add later.
Have a great weekend.


  1. These are beautiful cards. I particularly like the first one. Looks like you had a lovely day in Bath - I love the city, my son went to Uni there so I've been lucky enough to visit quite often.
    Take care

  2. Gorgeous cards Chrissie - particularly love the first one which definitely caught my eye in CS this month. Glad you managed to get up to Bath for your grandson's birthday but not surprised the journey's were terrible. Last night we had horrendous weather in Somerset and it's carrying on today!

    Karen x

  3. Gorgeous cards Chrissie, I especially love the one featured in Craft Stamper. Looks like you had a fun day out for your grandson's birthday. I hope he didn't stroke the goats - I made that mistake once and couldn't believe how much my hand ponged afterwards! Jo x

  4. Love the one with the dandelion heads, beautiful colours.

  5. Gorgeous cards Chrissie, love the colour on the flower one and the inking one is stunning! Happy Belated Birthday to your Grandson xx

  6. Lovely cards Chrissie. xx Jan

  7. These are all fabulous Chrissie but the emboss resist one is superb and topical too with its stormy colours! Your grandson looks as cute as a button in that hat! Vicky x

  8. What would we do without the enjoyment of our Grandkids? Bet he loved the visit to the farm...remember my first visit to a farm and that was 70 plus years ago.

  9. Loved this card - I had to immediately CASE it as I just received my pool party ink and c/s and have the flower stamp. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Both cards are super, so like the resist Agapanthus card.

  11. Lovely cards Chrissie, I particularly like the emboss resist one, it really took my eye in the CS magazine:) sounds like a fun weekend in Bath except for the journey! Jim is home now and doing well.
    Val x

  12. So sorry for all the miserable weather you're having, Chrissie! At least you've had a chance to enjoy your grandson!

    I love your cards...always do! One layer is so much harder than it looks, but you make it look effortless! Love the banners on the last one, and the gorgeous shades of blue!

    Congrats on your pub in Craft Stamper Magazine! I don't get this magazine, but I'm sure your card is stunning! Thanks so much for all of your inspiration!

  13. Love that first card Chrissie! Beautiful....

  14. Chrissie, your cards are so beautiful! I love the softness of them. Especially the last, even if it is not "one layer".
    Rosi x

  15. I saw your beautiful flower-inspirationcard in The Craftstamper and now a simular beautiful one here... It gave me inspiration for another kind of stamping work! Thanks for that! Have a fun week, Gerrina

  16. Your cards are so beautiful - I especially love that first one with the layers of stamping!!

  17. Love your cards Chrissie...the embossed resist card is quite stunning! Your grandson is just adorable!

  18. Lot's of fabulous cards Chrissie - if I had to chose a favourite I think the first one would just edge it!

  19. Chrissie,
    great cards
    love the first so much
    the flowers over that background look
    so wonderful


  20. Great cards Chrissie and nice to see the differences with the versions of the mono-colour card, but my favourite has to be the emboss resist - I am definitely going to have a go at this, it packs such a punch!

  21. Super cards Chrissie and love the photo of your grandson too....don't they grow so quickly :) Viv xx


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