Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Well I think of taking a pic of my desk for all to see, a little like cleaning up before the cleaning lady comes. It may not look like it has been tidied, but I did throw lots of scraps and cuttings in the bin earlier today.... and clean a couple of stamps and return them to their rightful place.
I have just realised that I have a stack of cards with no envelopes made, so that is the job in hand at the mo. I don't know if this would have been better without the table lamp on. Maybe I'll try that next week.
I'm off to see my daughter and family in Bath after I've jumped in the shower.


  1. Hope you're having a lovely day at Daisy's! Your desk looks fairly organised to me. Love that the placement of a piece of paper makes it look as though your heat gun is floating helpfully at hand! Lots of lilac going on....and what are those ticket things on the wall please?? I believe you were warned about how nosey I would be!!

  2. Looking good. I do love your desk, did you distress it or was it liek that?
    I am so bad at making envelopes, i have a mad go and then seal them all ... one day i might just do it as i do them ... one day

  3. So this is where the Chrissie magic happens! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Like the idea of the Copic chart - could I ask where you got that?

    Hope you are having a lovely day with your daughter :)

  5. I love your desk and the hanging heat gun idea ... but what is that thing above it ... is it a plastic lemon ... I need to know ... I may need one too!

  6. I knew I'd seen you through blogging but couldn't remember if I'd seen you WOYWW, then I looked at your picture and thought aaahhh you're the copic chart lady!!
    Loving your desk and your angel is just adorable. Have fun with your daughter xx

  7. Your desk may be untidy but your shelves above look very organised. I can see 5 pairs of scissors, like me you cannot do with just one pair!

  8. You look all neat and organised Chrissie , I might just pop round while your in Bath and mess it up a little for you as I'm just round the corner !!! he he ..... not really no time with the new challenge starting tomorrow , so your safe !! lol
    Hugs Susie xx


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